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A literary journal published by The Awakenings Project.

Established with the support of the University of Chicago Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation in 2000, The Awakenings Review is one of the nation leading literary reviews entirely committed to publishing the works of artists, writers, and poets with mental illness. The AR looks for submissions from writers and poets who have a distinct relationship to mental illness-either self, family member, or friend, and who can write about recovery, hope, uplifting experiences, and taking a positive direction in life.

editorial review board
  • Robert Lundin, Editor (
  • Audrey Sher-Walton, Associate Editor
  • Hope Andersen, Assistant Editor 
  • Lloyd Jacobs, Assistant Editor
  • Sandra Jo Mazurek, Art Editor
  • Virginia Goldrick
  • Richard Risemberg
  • Debbi Schroeder
  • Hank Sikora
  • Clair Sheldon
  • Em Turner Chitty
  • Mary Anna Scenga Kruch
  • Judith Sandler
  • Dave Fekete

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