Anton Witek Anton Witek

The work I do is mainly collage, off the wall, and relief sculpture.  I mainly use found objects, circuit boards, resistors, computer chips, buttons, beads, and bottle caps - things that are disposed of in everyday life.  The edges of the work I try to display like an arranged skyline, like Manhattan, Chicago, or Kuala Lumpur.  I pick subject matter from popular news events and things from foreign countries.  In the collage in the middle of the piece I try to convey a story, a little bit of a history, a lesson in some.  I've been in about thirty countries.  I now work as a volunteer for World Relief.

I take a Vietnamese family to doctor's appointments, library, Chinatown, and shopping.  I also volunteer at Keeler Center, a facility for quadriplegic, paraplegic, Down syndrome, and autistic adults.  I help feed them, draw and color, do puzzles, and listen to them.  I try to communicate with them. 

Mother and Child
In the City