Kurt Taecker Kurt Taecker (1953 - 2010)

Painting was Kurt Taecker’s means of survival. Since diagnosis of mental illness at age 17, he had been compelled to create artwork. Driven, he grasped a brush, palette knife or spatula, oozing with oil paint. Feverishly he worked the canvas until it reflected the twists and turns in his mind ... and beyond. Then his fingers smeared and scraped the buttery, brilliant hues. Throughout the process, he said, "is a sense of healing, a momentary lessening of anguish." So he continued. "The main thing is I’m still here today," says Taecker. And he will always be here, in spite of his "passing away" on January 31, 2010. His presence will live on in his lasting legacy of art, music, musings, and his independent research on cancer prevention, which he worked very diligently on. But most of all, Kurt will live on in the hearts and minds of Awakenings artists everywhere, as we continue to celebrate his life and many accomplishments.

On the threshold of a dream
On the threshold of a dream II
Arabian Nights
There is a heaven

Kurt was a very prolific impasto oil painter, having worked for over 30 years, perfecting his technique, taking classes at College of DuPage, studying under Alexander Ertas, and at North Central College also. "On the threshold of a dream" was named after the Moody Blues album. These are but a few examples of his work, but these were the ones he chose, because he considered them to be his best up to this point. You can also see his "Celebration," which was made into a poster for the 2004 Celebration Recovery, the first in Chicagoland, on our home page. The original was purchased by AstraZeneca and is hanging in their main office in Schaumburg, Illinois.