Mike Rudis Michael Rudis

I started painting in 2001, after my career in HVAC tanked, and I had been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder in 1989.  Sometime in 2002, I met Irene in Naperville and learned about The Awakenings Project.  My first Awakenings show was in 2003 at the Oak Park Art League.  I was in many other shows with them, and I also had a one-person show in Lemont at The Artful Gatherings in 2004.  It was very successful, and launched my solo career.  I had my own website, exhibited in many shows in Lemont and elsewhere, and also in October 2004, I won a First Place Prize for my body of work in the NAMI-IL Convention.  I still believe in The Awakenings Project for helping me get my start, and I continue to work with people at the studio and in exhibitions.  In the future, I plan on getting a Winnebago, driving it to Key West, and working on my artwork on the way there and back.

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Edgar Allen Poe #3
Jacob's Ladder
Water Rings
Yellow Moon